Customized Solutions

Mandrake HR strives to meet the individual needs of each of our clients.  No matter the industry, size of your business, or where you may find yourself in your journey for excellence, we have customization options to help you get there.  Below are a few of our customized solutions/samples.

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Training Catalog:

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  • 2 hour session on workplace diversity, including an eye-opening Privilege Walk:  The Black Guy in C-Suite (see video sample below)
    • For years we have looked at Diversity in the Workplace from the company’s perspective. We have defended its benefits, calculated the ROI and impact on the bottom line. However, what does Diversity mean to “Diversity Candidates”? How have their unique experiences formed who they are and put them in a position to add value to our organizations? In this very engaging session we will look at specific examples led by a “Diversity” HR Professional.  (minimum 20 attendees)
    • Success through Diversity


  • 90 minute session on Unconscious Bias: When What You See is NOT What You Get
    • Our brains are wired to fool us if we are not careful.  How can we better understand bias so that we can put the right systems, policies and actions in place to protect our organizations?  We unpack all this and more with instruction and break out discussions.


  • 1 hour session for employees: Connecting to the Mission
    • Getting team members on board with the overall mission, vision, and values of the organizations is key to increasing engagement, retention, and productivity.  In this highly interactive session attendees being to better connect to the organization’s mission.


  • 1 hour session for HR/Safety Leaders: HR’s Role in Safety Management


  • 1 hour session for employees:  Customer First!
    • This session is ideal for employees who work directly with external customers, call centers, or direct service providers.  We focus on the role and importance of the customer, the impact that employees have on them, and in turn, the organization’s success and longevity.


  • 1.5 hour session for employees:  Cultivating Informal Leaders
    • Supervisors and managers cannot be everywhere at one time, and don’t always know everything.  This is why informal leaders in our organizations are so important.  Any successful leader can quickly name one or two people who worked behind the scenes to keep projects rolling and customers happy.  The more of these people we can create and cultivate, the stronger our organizations are.


  • 2 hour session for leadership teams:  Management Lessons I Learned from my Children


  • 2 hour session for new supervisors that now lead their peer group:  Me and My Buddy


  • 2 hour session for leadership:  Serving Those Who Serve Our Customers


  • 2 hour session on clear, tactful communication:  Don’t Shoot the Messenger: Communication Strategies in Today’s Workplace
    • Almost every organization or team struggles with communication.  This session is great for first time supervisors or those who struggle with delivering tough messages.

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  • 4 hour session on coaching employees at both ends of the spectrum- to improve vs optimize:  Investing in Leadership Futures- A Team Approach to Winning
    • A team is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and wins when everyone finishes.  In this session we focus on strategies to ensure that every member of the team meets their full potential.  Optimizing those at the top of the performance curve, and improving those at the bottom.  We also address how to make sure each team member is in a role that will engage them and set them and the organization up for success.
    • Investing in Leadership Futures – SAMPLE
    • Investing in Leadership Futures WORKBOOK – SAMPLE

Training session samples:

Diversity Tips for Leadership

Unconscious Bias Segment