Mandrake HR Consulting, LLC is committed to meeting the needs of large and small businesses that want to win in the culture game.  We offer tools that will enable you to increase productivity, decrease turnover, and better satisfy your customers.

Mandrake HR is the vision of Marlin Smith, SHRM-SCP.

Marlin is a dynamic HR professional that is passionate about helping employees and companies find common ground for success.   He enjoys training and inspiring people and companies to go beyond their everyday tasks to seek excellence and continuous improvement.  Marlin has a solid background in leadership, safety, and employee culture from over 15 years in Human Resources leadership. He believes that the key to a successful employer/employee relationship is commitment: on the part of the employer to provide the best environment for employee to thrive, and on the part of the employee to bring the whole of their skills to the table to fulfill their given roles. When both parties bring their best, it’s amazing what can happen!

Marlin has been a featured speaker and presenter with the Society for Human Resource Management for several years, presenting most recently at the 2015 National Conference in Las Vegas, and the 2016 National Conference in Washington, D.C. in both a session on diversity in the workplace, and a session outlining key management lessons. Due to his ability to mix humor, relatability and strong content, he consistently receives high marks from session attendees. A graduate of the University of Chicago (AB’97), Marlin is also a proud Dale Carnegie graduate. He and his family reside in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mandrake HR Consulting, LLC offers:

  • HR Training
  • Leadership Training (executive and management level)
  • Keynote speeches
  • HR Program Development (retention, performance management, culture change, and more)

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